The Business side of Sports

Starting a club, fitness studio or sports academy

In this course, which is supported by two live webinars, we deal with entrepreneur- ship in sports. Starting a club, a fitness studio or a sports academy is an interesting opion for many coaches. Therefore, in this course and webinar we will look at the design of business models for sports ventures as well as the basics of marketing. We will look at current and successful case studies and business models and participants can present and discuss ideas for their own projects.


There will be two Zoom live webinars, with presentations, discussions and feedback.

  • LIVE WEBINAR 1 on 10th Sept 2022 from 10h to 12h

  • LIVE WEBINAR 2 on 17th Sept 2022 from 10h to 12h

  • Registered participants only!

  • Registered participants will be informed seperatly!

Course curriculum

    1. Hello and Welcome !

    2. Before we begin ...

    1. Basic Marketing Principles

    2. Marketing Management Process

    3. The business environment

    4. The four dimesions of sports marketing

    5. Analysis of the Business Environment

    1. Sponsoring : Athletes, Clubs, Federations; Events

    2. Health & Fitness

    3. Fitness Case Study: McFIT Germany

    1. Meeting Personal Trainer & Athlete Elijah Mensah

    1. Methods to create business models

    2. Present your idea!

    3. Your Pitch !

    1. Your Sports Business Model Canvas

    2. Let's create a real case!

About this course

  • $49.00
  • 19 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content


  • Why are only 10 slots offered?

    We want to give each participant the opportunity to present and work on his/her business idea. This requires some time for discussions and feedback. With only 10 slots we ensure that we have enough time for each participant's ideas.

  • Are there live webinars offered for this course?

    YES. There are two live webinars scheduled on Saturday 10th September 2022, 10-12h and Saturday 17th September 2022, 10-12h.

  • Will I have the opportunity to present my business idea?

    YES. The intention is, that participants will get a solid theoretical foundation in this course as well as some inspiring business cases. You will then present your business idea in a live webinar.

  • Will I get feedback on my business idea?

    YES, definitely! Based on the content of the course you may already make some adjustments to your business idea. But when presenting, you will get feedback on your idea from peers and a sports marketing expert.

  • Will there be more courses like this in the future?

    YES. We are planning to have more blended courses like this, meaning online-course in combination with a live webinar!

Only 10 slots available !

Register now, learn more about business opportunities in the sports industry and discuss your ideas with sports marketing expert Ralf Iwan !