Welcome Note

I am happy to have set up my own online academy, which complements my teaching, consulting, and coaching activities.

Build a solid knowledge base or upgrade your skills!

  • Theory & Cases

    The courses provide a solid theoretical foundation based on scientific research and applying university standards. To connect theory and real-life, case studies in each subject show students the application of the topics and provide inspiration for their own professional life.

  • Experience

    Students benefit from more than 25years of international professional experience in sports. Sharing my own relevant personal professional cases and own experience students have a deep insight into the sports business and get ideas and inspiration for their own careers.

  • Personal Seminars

    In addition to the online courses and blended online learning courses, my goal is to give students the opportunity to join on-site seminars. Here we combine the benefits of the online world with personal interaction, discussions, and sports, culture & leisure activities.

Committed to your success

Innovative teaching models

Our goal at Ralf Iwan Academy is to ensure that you have the knowledge you need to take your career to the next level. Our coaches are seasoned and accomplished professionals who are committed to your success. Our academy provides the supportive environment and community that all aspiring and established athletes and coaches alike require in order to develop and realize their full potential. You were destined to be a star! Ralf Iwan Academy can assist you in shining brighter. Enroll in our Academy today.

Course Structure

Our innovative course structure provides you with up to date knownledge and latest research results

  • Case Studies & Interviews

    The theoretical background of the topics is vividly presented through case studies from my own career, current case studies and interviews with industry experts.

  • Ressources

    In every course, I have provided a library, with the latest studies, articles, and scientific papers relevant to the topic. This gives you the opportunity to conduct further research.

  • Assignments

    With the assignments at the end of each chapter, you can directly apply your knowledge to real cases. You can upload your presentation as a video here on the platform for a review.


This is what my students say

Innovative Lectures

Shubham Mane

I had the great privilege of attending Ralf´s not one but 3 lectures namely, Int. Strategic Management, Digitalisation in Sports and, Organisational Development during my Sports Management program at UE Berlin. His innovative ideas towards delivering lectures along with keeping up with the latest trends in the field of Sports really made our lectures not just informative but enjoyable since it was based on the idea of idea sharing and interaction rather than one way information delivery. Additionally, I found Ralf´s lectures so intriguing that it influenced me to write my thesis in the field of Organisational Development. He also mentored me along my journey during my thesis and his knowledge and experience, I´d say is second to in those 3 topics.

Wealth of Knowledge

Hasan Arkadas

During my two years at UE, Ralf was always helpful, people-oriented, and always supportive to me. He has a wealth of knowledge in Business Strategy, Corporate Development, and Digitalization in the sports industry. Any organization would be lucky to have Ralf as a consultant or director!

Superb Scholar

Prof. Dr. Qeis Kamran

Ralf is one of the top German leaders in sports management and a superb scholar and trainer on high potential and talent training and management. I have studied and worked with Ralf over years together and can highly recommend Ralf as an asset to any company needing his coaching, leadership and presentation skills.

Interactive courses - presented with enthusiasm

Thomas Achleitner

I was able to get to know Ralf's way of working and his ideas in three courses. In addition to his expertise in the field of sports management, I was particularly enthusiastic about the openly designed courses. Even during Corona times he was able to make the lessons exciting and informative. Particularly noteworthy for me was the down-to-earth and direct approach during, as well as outside of, the classroom sessions. In addition, he also had my back during my master's thesis and supported me in all aspects. I can highly recommend Ralf as a coach, trainer, and teacher.

Meet Me

Consultant I Lecturer I Coach

Ralf Iwan

During my 25years in the international Sports Management as Head-Coach, Sports Manager, and Sports Director I have nurtured athletes from various countries - from youth age groups to Olympic finals. My mission today is to share my international experience in the sports industry with students at a number of private universities in Berlin / Germany - online, on campus and in special seminars.