Seminars, Sports and Culture

Lake Berzdorf - The perfect location for learning & leisure

Lake Berzdorf, just located south of the German City Görlitz offers the best opportunities for a retreat, some studies, and lots of sports activities. Görlitz with its spectacular buildings and rich heritage and nature is just 2:45hrs by train south-east from the German capital Berlin.


The Kretscham

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Blended Learning - Quality Time On Site

Personal discussions and interaction are most valuable. We don'r waste time with theoretical basics, hence I apply the blended learning concept and combine online and in person seminars.

  • Online

    Every seminar starts with a short online course, where the topic will be introduced and basic knowledge will be provided, which we need during the seminar in Tauchritz.

  • Seminar in Tauchritz

    During the seminar on-site, we want to focus on the interpersonal discussions, brainstorming, and activities at the lake and in the surrounding nature.

  • Online

    After the seminar, the results will be summarized and reflected in an online session. Notes and material from the workshop will be provided. With this blended learning technique, a deeper learning experience is achieved.

The Programme

  • Pre Event Online-Course

  • Lectures & Workshop

  • Cultural Trips in Görlitz

  • Online Interview Guests

  • Social Activities

  • Daily Sport Activities

  • Barbecue Evening

  • Participation Certificate


  • How do I get to Görlitz ?

    Take the train from Berlin Hauptbahnhof / Alexanderplatz / Ostkreuz to Cottbus (RE). Change train in Cottbus to Zittau RB64 just on the same platform.

  • Where will we stay ?

    You will stay at The Kretschham, an ancient und refurbished distillery. There will be double rooms available.

  • Will there be internet on site?

    Yes, we have internet access on site.

  • Will be have online classes before?

    Yes, we will cover a good bunch of content online before the course to set the foundations. Participation is strongly recommended.

  • What is the daily programme like ?

    We will have an active start with some sporting activities and healthy breakfast, followed by seminars and workshops. In the afternoon we will again have some time for outdoor activities.

  • How can I book ?

    You can book online here at the Academy, once the next seminar is coming up. Please note that place will be limited and given on a first come first serve basis.

Summer 2023: 5th - 8th July

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