Blendend Online Courses

  • How will the course be structured ?

    Students will go individually through an online course first. The individual learning phase is followed by a live online seminar. The course will end with another individual online learning & reflection part.

  • How long is the first online part ?

    In the first online part, every student works individually through the online course and lay the foundation. The length of this part depends on the topic and the overall content covered. It will be between 7-14days.

  • How long will the life seminar be?

    The life seminars will be 3-4 hrs. During this time we will discuss certain aspects of the topic (based on the theoretical foundations of the online course) and students are welcome to ask questions and discuss with fellow students.

  • How long is the second online part ?

    The second online part is between 7-14 days and might include coursework/reflection to be written and delivered in order to gain a certificate of completion.

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